Clubroot is a soil borne disease affecting crucifer crops such as canola, mustard, cabbage, broccoli, etc. It is caused by Protist Plasmodiophorabrassicae, an obligate parasite which infects the roots of host plants and produces club-shaped galls that restrict the flow of water and nutrients to the plant above the ground, plants may show symptoms of wilting, stunting, yellowing or premature ripening which causes shriveled seeds. Yield losses from Clubroot are significant. It cannot be controlled chemically to date, however Dekalb has introduced 74 54 RR with resistance. Other seed companies are investing into research as well.Spores can live in soil for 10-20 years. The good news is Manitoba soils with a PH > 6.5 are less susceptible to clubroot, but with our canola rotation we are possibly increasing the risk of this or any disease in our area. Imagine not being able to grow canola on your farm!

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