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2018 NorthStar, SeCan, Croplan Soybean Trial – Block 4

Sierens Seed Service

Plot Width 40′ x 594′ = .54545 ac.

Harvest Date 22 Oct, 2018

*Yield results adjusted to 13.5% moisture.

# Seed Brand Hybrid Seed Treatment Mois.(%) Yield
Yield Rank
18  Syngenta S006W5 CruiserMax 11.2 47.1 4
19  NorthStar GLADSTONE CruiserMax 11.3 52 1
20 NorthStar REDVERS CruiserMax 11.3 45.6 5
21 NorthStar NEWTON
CruiserMax 11.8 47.7 3
22 NorthStar WATSON CruiserMax 11.4 49 2
CruiserMax 11.2 40.8 6
24 Croplan RX002/8 CruiserMax 11.3 39.6 8
25 Croplan FL2917A4 CruiserMax 10.8 40.5 7

A special thank you to Albert and George Devloo for their cooperation.

Field Notes: This trial experienced some hail damage just prior to flowering the hail had damaged stems and leaves that delayed maturity and also left opportunity for a flush of weeds so a third pass of roundup was applied, that turned out to be a great decision as field recovered over time and weed control was excellent. Once again 2018 fell short of rainfall later in the season for soybeans. S006W5 was used as a check that yielded fairly similar across the trial that tells us the varieties were well represented with the exception of a small corner on the north east that may have affected block 4

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