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2015 Local Weigh-Wagon Trial Results

1. Cooperator: Brisson Farms Canola SxS
Harvest Date: Sept 3, 2015
DeKalb 75-65 yielded 50.97 bu/ac
Pioneer 45H33 yielded 48.92 bu/ac
Full cut 25 ft. swath same direction.

Thank you Brisson Farms for your cooperation.

2. Cooperator: Sierens Seeds Fertility SxS
Harvest Date: Sept. 11, 2015
Alpine vs Check BLOCK 1
Alpine yielded 57.47 bu/ac
Check yielded 58.40 bu/ac

Alpine vs Check BLOCK 2
Alpine yielded 54.07 bu/ac
Check yielded 52.34 bu/ac
Full cut 30 ft swath same direction

3. Cooperator: Mark and Jamie DeVloo Soybean SxS
Harvest Date: Sept. 23, 2015
Dekalb 23-10 yielded 36.4 bu/ac
Thunder TH33003 yielded 33.58 bu/ac
Full cut 35 ft swath full cut same direction

Thank you Mark and Jamie for your cooperation.

4. Cooperator: David Hacault
Harvest Date: Sept. 28, 2015
Legend 002-23 yielded 41.42 bu/ac
Syngenta 007-Y4 yielded 40.88 bu/ac
Full cut 30 ft swath same direction

Thank you David for your cooperation.

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